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Say HostelDevta in Any Local Language

hosteldevta with all language

Not many are aware of the secrets behind the name HostelDevta. Let's keep it a secret until the right time and place. While we found out many people have difficulty pronouncing the name HostelDevta, we can't easily change the brand name, but we can help you pronounce it better.

There might be many situations when you have seen us in our red t-shirts, met us, and started reading the word "HostelDevta" on our t-shirts. Honestly, we felt a little awkward with that pronunciation. Can't it be the better time to help you pronounce our brand name better? When we meet again, would love to hear the success story of this article.

We tried our best to make this as simple as possible. Let's find out how you can pronounce HostelDevta in multiple languages.

How to pronounce, read, and write HostelDevta in different languages?

While we've covered 10 Indian languages in this article, you can tweet on this post, and we'll add pronunciation in that language too. Starting from the Hindi language, the national language of India 🇮🇳

  1. हॉस्टेलदेवता (Haa-stel-de-vtaa, in Hindi)

    hosteldevta with hindi
  2. হস্তেলদেবতা (Hos-tel-de-btaa, in Bengali)

    hosteldevta in bengali
  3. হস্তেলদেৱতা (Hos-tel-deb-taa, in Assamese)

    hosteldevta in assamese
  4. હોસ્ટેલદેવતા (Hos-tel-de-vtaa, in Gujarati)

    hosteldevta in gujarati
  5. ਹਾਸਟਲਦੇਵਤਾ (Haa-stel-de-vtaa, in Punjabi)

    hosteldevta in punjabi
  6. ହସ୍ତେଲଦେବତା (Hos-tel-de-ba-taa, in Odia)

    hosteldevta in odia
  7. హాస్టల్డేవ్తా (Haa-stel-de-vtaa, in Telugu)

    hosteldevta in telugu
  8. ஹாஸ்டெல்தேவ்தா (Haa-stel-de-vtaa, in Tamil)

    hosteldevta in tamil
  9. ഹോസ്റ്റൽദേവ്ത (Hos-tr-el-de-vt, in Malayalam)

    hosteldevta in malayalam
  10. ಹಾಸ್ಟೆಲ್ದೆವ್ತಾ (Haa-stel-de-vtaa, in Kannada)

    hosteldevta in kannada


What languages is HostelDevta pronounced in?

HostelDevta can be pronounced in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Marathi.

How do you write HostelDevta in Hindi?

HostelDevta is written as हॉस्टलदेवता in Hindi.

What is the meaning of HostelDevta?

The name HostelDevta means "the god pr guardian of the hostel," implying a being who guides and helps in upgraded living in hostels and PGs.

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