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How to get the verified badges on HostelDevta

What does the verified badges mean?

The verified badges means for the listing and it implicates that it satisfied either the basic criteria or authentic requirements or personally verified by HostelDevta agents or has an active subscription.

All listing should satisfy atleast basic eligibility requirements to recieve a verified badge to be publicily available for their listing.

Basic Requirements for Verified Badge (HD Verified)

All those listing listed through HostelDevta Business App, Website or through HostelDevta Marketing Agents are eligible to recieve the verified badge.

Your listing must meet the following criteria to recieved the automatic verified badge:

  • Complete: Your listing should have a name, contact number, photos of listing(3 or more), facilities, description, listing owner name, address and hostel category
  • Online Presence: Your listing should have a presence on any one of the social media platform, news platform, google maps, and any related platform.
  • Security: Your profile should be phone verified.

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