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Connecting through Social Media

HostelDevta is a company that provides affordable accommodation options for coaching, college students and backpackers. One of the key ways that the company promotes its services and interacts with customers is through its social media presence.

On Facebook, HostelDevta has a strong following, with regular updates on new properties, special deals, and travel tips. Follow us on Facebook ( to stay updated with our latest offerings and travel stories. The company also utilizes Instagram to showcase pictures of hostels, as well as the destinations we serve. This gives potential customers a better idea of what to expect when booking with HostelDevta. Follow us on Instagram ( for a visual journey of our hostels and their locations.

Twitter is also used by the company to quickly respond to customer queries and complaints, ensuring that any issues are resolved in a timely manner. We also engage with our followers by retweeting and replying to relevant tweets in the travel and hospitality industry. Follow us on Twitter ( for more real-time updates.

In addition to these major social media platforms, HostelDevta also has a presence on LinkedIn, where we use it as a professional platform to connect with other industry professionals and potential partners. We also use it as a place to post company updates and job openings. Follow us on LinkedIn ( for more professional insights.

Lastly, HostelDevta has a YouTube channel, where we upload videos of the hostels and their locations, as well as vlogs and travel guides. This is a great way for us to give a more immersive experience to our potential customers, allowing them to see and learn more about their options before making a booking. Subscribe to our YouTube channel ( for more travel guides and vlogs.

All in all, HostelDevta has a well-rounded social media presence, utilizing multiple platforms to engage with customers and promote their services. By providing a wide range of content and actively responding to customer feedback, we are able to build a strong and loyal customer base. For more information about HostelDevta, visit our website (

image of a HostelDevta hostel, showcasing the clean and well-maintained common areas and bedrooms
An image of a HostelDevta hostel, showcasing the clean and well-maintained common areas and bedrooms

As you can see, our hostels are clean, well-maintained and provide a comfortable stay for our guests. So, why wait? Book your stay with us today and experience the best budget-friendly accommodation options.

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