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The Ultimate Checklist for Finalising a PG Accommodation

A view of the PG room

By Avantika Sanghvi • 11 August, 2023 • 6 min read

Finding the perfect PG accommodation can be exciting yet daunting for anyone moving away from home. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, as it will determine your overall experience in a new city. From location and amenities to safety and budget considerations, this article outlines the key things you should consider when searching for a PG accommodation that suits your needs and preferences.

Things to Check in a Paying Guest Accommodation

1. Cost

The first thing to consider when looking for a PG accommodation is the monthly cost you must pay to live there. Understanding the cost helps you evaluate whether the PG facility fits within your budget. Rent is usually a significant monthly expense, and you must ensure you can comfortably afford it without straining your finances.

One of the main reasons why this is important to consider is because a PG facility that exceeds your budget might lead to financial strain, affecting your ability to meet other essential expenses, save money, or enjoy leisure activities.

2. Location

Another crucial consideration when looking for a PG accommodation is its location. It's ideal to search for a PG location near your college or office to save money and time on commuting. Further, you should also consider looking for a location near a public transportation facility if you don’t have a private vehicle to travel with. Your PG accommodation location should also be near restaurants, hospitals, markets, stores, and other places for commuting convenience.

3. PG Room

It's also ideal for checking the PG room before you finalise it. You need to make sure the room is ventilated and whether the room is in a liveable condition. Further, you need to check whether the PG room's furniture is intact and does it have any modern infrastructure. You also need to check the property's age, material quality used to build the building, wall paint condition, and maintenance charges.

4. Furnished or Unfurnished

The next thing to consider when selecting paying guest accommodation is whether the room you choose is furnished. A furnished PG would be higher in price than an unfurnished PG.

When you select a PG facility, here are a few furniture items you need to keep in mind:
  • Mattress: A quality mattress is necessary for restful sleep. Ask about mattresses that are suitable for your needs, such as orthopaedic mattresses for back pain or durable latex mattress of the best quality. Put a focus on getting a good night's sleep by choosing the appropriate bedding.

  • Wardrobe: To store your clothes and items, require a spacious wardrobe. Check to see if the wardrobe has sufficient space for all of your clothes and has enough drawers and shelves for you to organize everything.

  • Bed: For a good night's sleep, an adequate bed is essential. Check that the bed is comfortable and just right for you. If you have any back problems, you may want to consider a bed with an ortho mattress.

  • AC: In the summertime, an AC is essential. Make sure the PG accommodations have air conditioning in your room if you live in an area with a hot climate. This will help you to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months.

  • Geyser: It is essential for hot water. Make sure the PG accommodation has a geyser in your room if you need to take hot showers or baths.

  • Fridge: A fridge is necessary to store food and beverages. Ensure that the fridge has adequate space for all of your meals and drinks. Make sure the fridge has enough space for everybody's items if you are sharing a space among others.
If you choose to save some bucks with an unfurnished PG, you would have to eventually spend your money on buying some of the above things. So, choose wisely.

5. Paying Guest Rules and Documents

There are several rules and regulations you need to follow when you are living in a PG facility. You may even need to submit some documents that solidify whether the information you have provided is true. Here are some paying guest rules and other timing- related stuff you should ask before confirming a PG:
  • Guest policy
  • House rules
  • Deadlines and curfew timings
  • Housekeeping timings
  • Personal documents for verification and policies to stay in the PG

6. Food Availability

When selecting a suitable PG for yourself, most working professionals and college students prefer opting for a facility that provides food to avoid going through the hassle of arranging or cooking food for themselves. This is an important aspect to look for as you may feel tired cooking for yourself daily.

So, when staying in a PG facility, make sure you ask them whether food is included or not. Further, ask them about the food preference available and the times when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served.

7. Flatmates

Staying in a paying guest accommodation, your roommates and flatmates are likely your family for the time you spend there. You will be interacting with them most of the time and hence, you need to ensure that their thought process matches yours.

Try chatting with your flatmates before you confirm a PG. Keep checking if there are any red flags and also make sure they are understanding. Check whether their habits aren’t too contrast from yours, this helps in avoiding any future fights.

8. Safety

The place you choose to live should be secured with necessary safety rules being followed. This is one thing you shouldn't compromise on. Hence, checking the security and safety of the PG facility you choose to live in is necessary. If the PG is in a society, make sure the society is gated and has a security guard. Also, check whether the surroundings are under CCTV surveillance for maximum protection.

9. Hygiene

Lastly, when finalizing a PG, it's also important to check whether sanitation and hygiene rules are followed. Check the washroom. See whether it is clean enough to be used, and check with the PG owner to understand how often housekeeping services will be available.


Several important factors are to be considered before finalizing a PG. Considering these factors and making an informed decision, you can ensure a comfortable and suitable living arrangement during your stay at the PG.

Author Bio:

Avantika Sanghvi works as a Content Marketing Specialist at Flo Mattress. She loves to create engaging and value-driven content for her a wide range of audiences. She writes about health & wellness, home improvement, and parenting topics focusing on the importance of sleep and how to sleep better. She also often shares stories of how sleeping well regularly and prioritising sleep has enabled her to attain success in what she does. Her content shares actionable and practical advice for personal growth and well-being. Beyond work, she finds joy in cooking, practicing yoga, and exploring new destinations through travel.

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