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DIY Ideas for Students and Bachelors Living in Hostels and PGs

As a student or bachelor living in a hostel or PG, you may not have a lot of space or resources to work with. But that doesn't mean you can't get creative and have some fun! Here are 10 DIY ideas that are perfect for students and bachelors living in hostels and PGs:

1. Make your own wall art

wall art
Use paint, stickers, or even string to create your own unique wall art. You can use quotes, patterns, or even your own designs to make your space feel more personalized.

2. Upcycle old clothes

upcycled clothes
Don't throw away those old clothes just yet! You can upcycle them into new pieces, such as cutting a t-shirt into a crop top or turning a pair of jeans into shorts.

3. Create your own plant pot

creating and maintaining own plant pot/indoor garden
You don't need a lot of space to have plants in your room. Use empty bottles, cans, or even paper cups as pots to create your own mini garden.

4. Make your own scents

perfume in hand
Create your own natural room sprays using essential oils and water. You can choose your favorite scents and make them as often as you like.

5. Customize your furniture

customising furniture
Use contact paper or washi tape to add some color and pattern to your boring furniture. You can also add some cushions or throw blankets to make it more comfortable.

6. Organize your space with DIY storage solutions

organize candles and storage solution
Use old boxes, baskets, or even bottles to create your own storage solutions. You can also use command hooks to hang items on the wall or ceiling.

7. Create your own jewelry

key chain pendant/ jewel
Use beads, wire, or even old buttons to make your own unique jewelry. You can also upcycle old jewelry by adding your own twist to it.

8. Make your own beauty products

cosmetics/beauty product
Save money by making your own beauty products, such as face masks, scrubs, and even lip balm. You can use natural ingredients like honey, avocado, and coconut oil.

9. DIY your own gifts

diy gift box with wrap and label
Instead of buying gifts, make your own! Use your creative skills to make something special for your friends and family.

girl cooking for party
10. Host a DIY party

Invite your friends over and have a DIY party where everyone brings their own materials and makes something together. You can make anything from crafts to food to beauty products.

With these DIY ideas, you can make the most of your time in your hostel or PG and have some fun while doing it. Don't be afraid to get creative and try something new!

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